SQUARE | Anatomy of motion

Fashion designs presented in a bold formula of video and photos being a part of a single project.
The philosophy behind the project is to explore relation between stills and moving images. The border seems to disappear – it is narration that becomes the essence of all the visuals, no matter static or dynamic. Whatever it is it tells a story. The one-actor story: a model trying to engage the viewer into mysterious world created by enchanting beauty in a surreal surrounding. The more surreal it gets when we realize that there is no plot given – the story has to be put together in one’s mind basing on the visuals. Without the story they may be perceived as abstract images, body shapes turned into graphic lines.
The editorial and the video featuring designs from collections: HEroSHE and LittleBlackProject by Asia Wysoczynska.
Design: Asia Wysoczynska
Photography and direction: Michal Kar
Model: Asia Pulco |Division|
Make up: Zosia Krasuska |Division Art|
Hair: Sebastian Kazmierczak
Styling: Basia Czyzewska
Production: SHOOTME Photographers