Working on contrasting structures or surfaces and the difference between what is perceived and what is the real characteristic of clothes were always interesting to me. BrokenB.utterfly is another example of my explorations within the subject.
The collection was inspired by Anne Ten Donkelaar’s artworks. The Dutch artist did an amazing work trying to ‘repair’ dead butterflies – filling their damaged structure with materials such as cord, threads, little parts taken from old maps, twigs. While looking at these complex yet subtle constructions one realizes of how elaborate creature the butterfly is – the creature making an impression of being ephemeral and delicate represents high level of engineering at the same time. This point is the most interesting for me as a starting point for the collection – relation between advanced construction and delicacy, fragility.
Clothes of specific “architectonic” shape can easily be distorted and change its shape despite the fact of how stiff and rigid they seem. Memory-shape fabrics as well as fabrics that can easily be modified and manipulated or transformed help in reaching desired results, being a kind of counterpoint to the fabrics of more solid and less ‘unstable’ structure.
The inner quality of some of the designs is to be arranged in different ways. In that way the wearer may have it’s own creative influence despite the styling process and simple selection of items for the look. Important parts of the collection are various small items like belts, brooches, bracelets and necklaces made out of what is left after sewing the clothes. This
is implementation of my green philosophy – ‘no-waste-design’ concept: small scraps of fabrics, leftovers, literally litter are used for creating jewellery and accessories. Nothing is left behind gaining a brand new life!